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Canyon Coffee

$20.00 USD

Canyon Coffee

$20.00 USD

Organic Gamatui Uganda

Producer: Gamatui Community [gamma•too•EE, rhymes with ratatouille]; Processed by the Sipi Falls Washing Station
Origin: Uganda
Region: Kapchorwa, Mount Elgon
Elevation: 1900 meters
Process: Red Honey
Varieties: SL34, SL14, and Bourbon types. 
Certification: Organic
Canyon Coffee's first honey process coffee!  In the honey process, actual honey is not used.  Rather, the process involves a timing variation on when the coffee cherry is de-pulped after it's harvested.  Canyon Coffee chose two new beans from their rounds of cupping this spring, the Gamatui from Uganda and Sollomo from Ethiopia. Both coffees have impressive, round, balanced sweetness and notable flavors.

Instant Celinga Ethiopia

Medium Roast
Origin: Ethiopia
Freeze-Dried Coffee

Elevation: 1780-1860 Meters
Process: Washed

Bring your Morning Ritual with on the road, on the plane, in the woods, to grandma's house, wherever you go!  Each Box contains Six Packets.  Each packet contains one delicious cup of coffee- just add 8oz of water and enjoy!  We love the ritual of making pour overs and finding new shops on our travels. But SOMETIMES, we find ourselves in situations where we are READY for a good cup of coffee...