Alex Kenealy x Cloud Hunter

Alex Kenealy x Cloud Hunter

It was a dream to work with fashion photographer Alex Kenealy and shoot some Cloud Hunter pieces at my house in Silverlake.  Our muse for the day was the adorable Alex Lee-Aillón.  We threw her hair up in messy little milkmaid braids and gave her a hint of muted rougelip.  My amazing intern, Alicia De Mello, helped me style our little Lolita in statement earrings and killer Prada and Gucci shoes to compliment our CH clothing.

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Look #1 - Dress 05 Mini in Blush silk

Look #2 - Pajama Shirt + Shorts 01 in French Blue silk

Look #3 - Coat 01 + Leopard Charlie Purse

Look #4 - Corset 03 + Pants 02

Look #5 - Corset 02 + Mini 02 in Emerald silk 

Look #6 - Yellow Zad GlassesCami 02 in Gold silk

Look #6 - Dress 05 Maxi with slit in Black silk 

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