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PHOTOS: Caroline + Brice in Fresno

PHOTOS: Caroline + Brice in Fresno


Hey cuties! Took some photos of some other cuties in Cloud Hunter while in Fresno, at Thanksgiving.  In first look Caroline and Brice are twinning in the Top 02 and Poodle Mini Skirt.  Double trouble in the Faye Jumpsuit in both color options. Third leak is Rose Champagne in front of the post office, Top 01 + Skirt 01 on Caroline and Midi 01 on Brice.  The new classic, Dress 05 in Pearl silk and lace shown in mini and midi lengths.  Lastly, slurp up Kiss is on my list blouse pairs with Croc Skirt and Red Dress 05.  Phew, that was a mouth full I hope you enjoy!

Top 02 and Poodle Mini SkirtShop all sizes of Faye Jumpsuit here and also, some sizes in stock hereMidi 01 + Top 01 + Skirt 01

Pearl DRESS 05 in mini and midi and purseKiss is on my list blouseCroc Skirt, and Red Dress 05