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Dalí's Home

Dalí's Home

Built in the 1930s in Portlligat, Catalonia, Spain, this was the home of the famous artist Salvador Dalí and his wife.  Dalí often lived and worked here from 1930 to 1982.  My favorite feature of the home are the eggs, which in his work symbolized rebirth.

"In 1930, Salvador Dalí set up home in a small fisherman's hut in Portlligat, drawn to it by the landscape, the light and the isolation of the place. On the basis of that initial construction, over the course of forty years he created his own house. As he himself defined it, it was "like a real biological structure [...]. Each new pulse in our life had its own new cell, its room. The resulting form is the current labyrinthine structure which, taking, the BearLobby as the starting point, spreads out around in a succession of spaces linked by narrow corridors, slight level changes and blind passageways. Packedwith a multitude of objects and memoires belonging to Dalí, these zones are decorated with features that make them particularly cosy: carpets, whitewash, dried flowers, velvet upholstery, antique furniture, etc. Furthermore, all the rooms have windows of different shapes and proportions framing a landscape which is a constant point of reference in Dalí's work:  the Portlligat bay.

Referring to his usual residence, Salvador Dalí said: "Portlligat is the place of production, the ideal place for my work. Everything fits to make it so: time goes more slowly and each hour has its proper dimension. There is a geological peacefulness: it is a unique planetary case"." -Salvador-Dali.org